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Getting Help

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Get in touch via our support channels:

Help Us Help You

What to do when contacting us for help.

When contacting us with an issue, provide us with the following information:

  • The add-on's version number

  • Confluence version number

  • Your page's Storage Format markup

To get your page's Storage Format content:

  1. Go to Tools > View Storage Format (You may need Administrator rights for this.) 

  2. Copy the contents.

  3. Send the contents to us.

We will get back to you promptly and try to solve any issue that you are facing with our products.

You may also need to import similar content sent back by our support engineers. Install the Confluence Source Editor Plugin so you may be able to use the content we send back to you.


Whenever you report a support issue to ServiceRocket, the first thing to provide is the version number of the following items:

This information can be found here:

  1. Cog Icon  > Add-ons

  2. In the sidebar, under Atlassian Marketplace, click Manage Add-ons

  3. Then click on the desired add-on listing to show the details of that add-on, including the version number

Error Message(s)

  • If you have encountered an error, please copy the error message and paste it in the message to us.

  • A screenshot of the error page would also be helpful.

  • If you know how to reproduce your issue, kindly also provide the steps so we can replicate it.


Providing us with a logfile will also be very useful.

The server log file atlassian-jira.log can be found in the following location:

  • Jira application log — <localhome>/log/atlassian-jira.log.

  • Application server log — generally, the application server log file can be found under the logs directory.