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The Apps Docs site gets a new look and structure

ServiceRocket is thrilled to announce a new facelift of our Apps Docs site from Sunday, 26 March 2023, 18:00:00 PDT. Our redesigned site will now be easier to navigate and also render better on mobile devices.

Top notch mobile rendering

Better optimization of key page elements

Prioritized key content

Standardized delivery method of most content

Better search UX/UI experience

Breadcrumbs allow better navigation now

Here are some points on navigating the new site:

  • The below structure shows how the documentation will be structured at our site for most of our products.


  • Setup Guide

    • Adminstrator Guide

    • Installation Guide

  • Reference Docs

    • User Guides

    • Macro reference

  • Tutorials

    • Recipes

    • Use Cases

  • Knowledge Base

    • General error and issue updates

    • FAQs for product